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Arrangements & Kids party

Kids Party - € 18.50 per child

The birthday boy or birthday girl is not only in the interest of his / her boyfriends and girlfriends, but is also the center of our attention. The party-goer makes a great flash to celebrate his / her children's party at Glow miniGolf Amsterdam.

The kids go back in time together and learn playfully, from job to job, the highlights from the past to a glimpse into the future.

Ask the children to put on white clothing for an even cooler effect under our special lighting.

Our kitchen responds to tasty and playful food for him and her. All revelers can choose from the following (h) fair menus:

  • Pancakes with a delicious topping
  • Homemade and breaded fish fingers, from responsible fishing, with delicious fries
  • High-quality croquettes with fries

Whatever menu the children will choose, they are all provided with a nice refreshing drink and ultimately an unforgettable day!

For only € 18.50 per child, you can turn your child's birthday into a fantastic day!

The mentioned prices are for ONE game round !! The duration of a game round will, depending on the group size and the crowds on the courts, be on average 0.5 to 1.5 hours. Also the playing speed of the children or that of the group is important, for which you yourself are responsible and we do not supervise this or you play too fast !! You must keep the children under control and anticipate their speed !!

The visitor is NOT allowed to provide himself with a second or multiple game round (s) without consultation and / or approval of the staff. This also applies to the repeated (two or more times) playing of one or more Glow miniGolf courses. Upon discovery of this, Glow miniGolf may invoke the charging of an additional round of play for the rate applicable at that time.

  • In view of the many requests and great interest, we advise you to book online well in advance.
  • The duration of a Kids Party (so playing + eating & drinking) will, depending on the group size and the busyness of the courts and as described above, be on average 1 to 2 hours.

We would like to draw the parents / guardians / supervisor of the birthday person to the attention that per 5 children one non-participating supervisor (at € 6) is required. With this we guarantee the safety and progress of the game and the fun of the kids with you. Kids Party is possible from 5 children (up to 11 years). You can bring your own cakes, but this will be € 2 per person.

Dinner Deals

Combine the active of Glow miniGolf with the relaxed enjoyment of a delicious meal. You can determine the order yourself; would you rather eat first or rather wave first. We are happy to adapt to your wishes. Have fun and enjoy your meal!

Burger or Pizza € 22,50 p/p

A game of mini golf ensures a good appetite! For those in need of a strong "byte", ther

e is a burger made of 100% beef or a Pizza Margarita. Our burger is served with fries. Of course you will also receive a drink * (beer or soft drink) to cool off with this package. With a special price of € 22.50 you cannot ignore this offer.

Saté / Vega € 26,- p/p 

Traditionally combining chicken saté with a relaxed game Glow miniGolf? With this d

eal you combine the experiences of indoor miniGolf with a tasty ending. Chicken satay (with delicious fries and salad) is a real runner. While enjoying a drink * (beer or soft drink), we offer you this package for only € 26.

Steak € 28,50 p/p

With Noah’s culinary cuisine, the notorious steaks are also covered. A delicious steak with home-made mushroom sauce and fries & lettuce. After a relaxing experience with Glow miniGolf Amsterdam, let yourself be pampered in combination with a drink * (beer or soft drink). For only € 28.50 you can combine relaxation with pleasure.